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Sexy Escort Beirut girls and teen age girls The job of an escort is all about companionship. The escort’s duty is to open the door to the enchanted world of pleasure and fun to their clients. How beautiful it will look if a soft and glowing hand leads the way and greets the client. Remember it’s important to have beautiful hands and it’s more important to keep it beautiful. So, a regular manicure is an essential job.

The essential part of the escort’s contract is to lead her client to the world of ecstasy in a fashion that will match her client’s taste and culture. It’s a delicate balance and demands a very cautious step. And it’s good to put the best foot forward. The legs, firm and elegant with a kick in every step are the winner. Therefore, it needs maintenance, and regular pedicure is the way.

The comforting hands Remember, the greeting hands of an escort will make the first impression to her clients. It must be an overwhelming experience to the client. To make it count the escort must maintain their beautiful hands. It can only be possible by a proper manicure. It must be wax bathed to keep it soft, if necessary with natural ingredients. Fruit waxes are also a good alternative.

Waxing can only take care of the hands and palms, but nails are equally important. Therefore, get the nails trimmed with care and then color it with good quality nail polish. But, remember the client may have a choice or dislike for a particular shade, and that should be the decider. Then decorate the fingers with matching finger ring the effect will be mesmerizing.

The graceful legs The whole idea of the escort service is to give company to the client and fill it with quality service. Therefore, the first impact counts. A pair of beautiful legs stepping out of a car is possibly the best presentation. It carries weight and heightens expectation and adds to the overall grace. The members of the Beirut Escorts Service know it very well.

A pedicure is a must to keep the legs elegantly. The modern pedicure is not scrubbing the dead cells of the toe and polishing the nails. It starts from below the knee and ends at the tip of the finger; it’s total care for the legs. Since, it starts with deputation and includes trimming the nails it is better not to share the kits to avoid infection. Be safe and put the best foot forward.

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